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Since the inception of our law firm in 1977, the goal of the Law Offices of Martin Taller has been to provide first-class professional legal representation to individuals whose ability to work has been adversely impacted as a result of injury or illness. By exploring all legal remedies available, including workers' compensation, personal injury civil actions, Social Security disability benefits, long term disability insurance and/or disability pensions, we seek to maximize our clients' financial recovery. In addition to representing clients in the specific areas of law we practice, we also work with other professionals in the community and guide our clients through appropriate referrals to other legal specialists, medical and mental health professionals, and rehabilitation counselors.
Practice Areas
Social Security Disability Claims
  • Initial Claims
  • Hearings
  • Appeals Council Review

Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Initial Claims and Cessation Issues
  • ERISA Litigation in Federal Court
  • Bad Faith Litigation in State Court

Public Employment Disability Claims
  • California State Disability - EDD Claims
  • County/City/Civil Service Disability
  • PERS Retirement
  • STRS Retirement

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