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Heart disease affects millions of Americans each year

There are various forms of cardiovascular diseases that affect the functioning of your heart. Each of these can be serious and could lead to long-term or even permanent conditions, or even death if not treated or properly and promptly addressed. Such cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States, including residents in and near the Anaheim, California region.

A few examples of common cardiovascular conditions include coronary artery disease, which is caused by a hardening of the arteries of the heart. The arteries play a crucial role in the functioning of the heart, providing necessary nutrients and oxygen to the heart, necessary to keep it running. Heart valve disease occurs when one of your valves does not properly close, or if a valve narrows, which restricts blood flow to the rest of your body and could lead to other serious issues.

How rheumatoid arthritis affects Americans

For decades, the Social Security Administration has had two programs in place to help Americans who are unable to keep a job due to an illness, injury or mental condition. Among the many conditions that qualify is rheumatoid arthritis which mostly affects a person's joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis typically causes an inflammation, redness, warmth and pain in a person's joints. It often occurs on one's hands, wrists or knees, but could also occur on other parts of the body including one's skin, eyes heart, lungs and even nerves or blood. For some people, the disease can spring up quickly, but for others, the conditions develop slowly, sometimes over years. It mostly affects people in their middle age, but could also affect children and the elderly.

You might need help navigating through your SSD claim

As you may have heard, getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits is not always easy. In fact, approximately two thirds of all applicants who initially apply are rejected. Undoubtedly, some of these rejections are justified.

Some people just fail to properly fill out the necessary paperwork. Others leave out the necessary proof to proceed with their claim. Others still simply do not have a qualifying injury, illness or mental condition. But many who are initially denied, truly do have a disabling condition.

Could injury qualify me or a loved one to receive SSDI?

For anyone who has received a federally taxed paycheck (which is most Anaheim residents), they most likely noticed the portion of wages allotted to federal taxes. While there are several things the federal government removes from most employees' wages, one is contributions to social security. Social security has several uses and is allocated to different people in different ways. One way that federal government allocates Anaheim residents' federal taxes is to those who are need due to injury, including work-related injuries.

For example, if a person is injured to the point that they are unable to work, it could qualify that person to receive a portion of Social Security disability benefits. This is a monetary amount allotted to those who are less fortunate and unable. Without these government regulated benefits, many people who have no means of income to support themselves or loved ones. It's important to know only those who have paid into the system by means of federally taxed wages over an adequate amount of time are eligible for such payments.

Obtaining Social Security mental disability benefits

Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are one of the ways that those who suffer from a disability can help make ends meet, and are an essential part of our nation's safety net. However, for those who suffer from mental health issues that keep them from working, the process of qualifying for SSD benefits is often more complicated and time-consuming than for those with strictly physical disabilities.

If you or someone you love contend with a mental disability, it is definitely worthwhile to pursue SSD benefits, but it is important to understand the major hurdles you'll face along the way.

We represent people at every stage of the claims process

The sad reality is that most fist time claims for Social Security Disability benefits will be denied for various reasons, as mentioned in last week's post. This can make California residents feel frustrated with the process that is in place to benefit them, but they should not lose hope-a denied SSD benefits does not mean the applicant is not disabled. It means there was probably some deficiency in the application.

Filing for SSD benefits is a complex process and various types and standards of evidence are required-anything less and the application is likely to be denied. If the evidence is insufficient or the legal requirements of income are not met, then the application will be denied. Therefore, it is very important to understand the federal regulations surrounding the process and how to fulfill them.

4 appeals for Social Security Disability denials

The process for getting Social Security Disability isn't as easy as just filing an application and getting approved. In some cases, you have to file an appeal of the decision if you want to receive benefits.

The appeals process can be long and tedious. At each step, you have to be sure that you are doing things according to the requirements of the law. This can be difficult, so some people who are going through an appeal hire an attorney to represent them. Hiring a lawyer might take some of the stress off of you as you fight for the benefits that you desperately need.

Disabilities might not qualify you for disability income

People who have spent time working are often devastated to find out that they are unable to work because of an injury or illness. Social Security Disability provides a way for these individuals to have an income while they are unable to work.

Social Security Disability isn't easy to get because you have to qualify for these benefits. Often, there is a long process that you will have to go through, which sometimes includes appeals. If you think that you might be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, here are some eligibility points to consider:

Why was my SSD claim denied?

Filing for social security disability benefits is difficult enough, but then a California resident's claim is denied one can feel lonely and isolated. However, they may be surprised to learn that they are not alone in this boat-more than 70 percent of initial claims are denied. It is important to understand why the claim was denied in the first place, so it can be rectified to ensure a successful appeal.

One of the most common reasons an appeal is denied is because the applicant does not meet the non-medical requirements. If the applicant doesn't meet the eligibility requirements, then the Social Security Administration will not even look further at the application. If these asset limits are exceeded, then the person is not going to be considered. this failure to comply can be costly-missing an appointment with the SSA, not getting in touch with them, providing incorrect information about income, or failing to report all the doctors one got in touch with-these all seem inconsequential but can prove detrimental to the application.

Is bipolar disorder a qualifying mental condition for SSD?

Even though Anaheim residents probably know they can receive disability benefits for both physical and mental illnesses, the reality is that qualifying for social security disability benefits for a mental condition is often harder. This is because the people who are examining the claim are not qualified in the medical field and cannot fully grasp the full scope of a mental illness. When it comes to certain conditions, due to their cyclical nature, it can be difficult to understand the limitations it imposes. Bipolar disorder is one such condition.

According to the Social Security Administration, bipolar disorders fall under the depressive, bipolar and related diseases category. The disorders are categorized by depressed, irritable, or elevated moods. The person can also lose all interest in pleasurable activities, which results in a decline in their ability to function. Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, suicidal ideation and sleep and concentration disturbances are among common symptoms. The conflicting symptoms of euphoria and sadness are also common symptoms.

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