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You might need help navigating through your SSD claim

As you may have heard, getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits is not always easy. In fact, approximately two thirds of all applicants who initially apply are rejected. Undoubtedly, some of these rejections are justified.

We represent people at every stage of the claims process

The sad reality is that most fist time claims for Social Security Disability benefits will be denied for various reasons, as mentioned in last week's post. This can make California residents feel frustrated with the process that is in place to benefit them, but they should not lose hope-a denied SSD benefits does not mean the applicant is not disabled. It means there was probably some deficiency in the application.

Why was my SSD claim denied?

Filing for social security disability benefits is difficult enough, but then a California resident's claim is denied one can feel lonely and isolated. However, they may be surprised to learn that they are not alone in this boat-more than 70 percent of initial claims are denied. It is important to understand why the claim was denied in the first place, so it can be rectified to ensure a successful appeal.

Social Security disability reconsideration

Navigating the Social Security disability claims process can be challenging for some. In some cases, it is possible to not successfully pass the initial claim stage. In fact, a large majority of cases do not make it through the initial claim stage. Understandably, for many in Anaheim this can be devastating. After all, many rely on Social Security disability benefits to make ends meet. Thankfully, there are certain steps these people can take if they are denied Social Security.

Mental health and Social Security disability

There are many reasons why Anaheim residents may find themselves unable to work. Whatever the reason, not being able to work can put a person in a very challenging place financially. Thankfully, for some, it is possible to obtain Social Security disability in order to help pay for the everyday necessities. However, not everyone is eligible for these benefits, and sometimes it is not easy to know whether or not someone qualifies.

Medical evidence needed for Social Security disability

Some Anaheim residents may have passing familiarity with Social Security disability insurance. However, many may not know the ins and outs surrounding SSDI -- how to apply for it, what medical conditions qualify, what kind of benefits one might be entitled to, and more. The process of applying for SSDI is not always straightforward. Sometimes, many complexities may come into play.

SSD: What are medically determinable impairments?

Those in Anaheim who suffer from a disability may want to apply for disability benefits, to help make ends meet financially. However, in order for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to approve a Social Security disability claim, a certain set of specific criteria must be met. It can be greatly difficult to know what qualifies and what doesn't -- and the legal nuances involved can prove to be very complex. Often, it requires the careful examination of the situation before it can be determined whether a person has a valid Social Security disability claim. Attorneys in Anaheim are available to assist with this process.

Don't let the SSD application process overwhelm you

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance you or someone you love is suffering from a serious illness, injury or medical condition and you may be wondering whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration has developed two programs designed to help Americans who are seriously disabled and are unable to maintain gainful employment.

Can you work if receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

If you're receiving Social Security Disability benefits, it can be unclear whether you can go back to work and what your income restrictions might be if you want to continue collecting benefits. The Social Security Administration has several programs to assist the disabled back into the workforce, without pressure to work beyond your disability. 

Discussing the difference between SSI and SSDI

The Social Security Administration has two distinct programs geared towards providing financial relief to disabled Americans who qualify. Before we go into the differences, the two primary factors remain the same. The condition must be serious enough to prevent you from maintaining gainful employment, and the condition must last at least a year or be expected to end in death.

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