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What to know about Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are reserved for individuals who are disabled in some way and can no longer work permanently or for a temporary period of time. There are specific criteria that an applicant must meet before the benefits will be awarded. The process of applying for these benefits can be very time consuming and frustrating, and leave many people struggling to make ends meet. Here is some basic information about Social Security Disability benefits. 

Do you fit the Social Security Administration's definition of disabled?

The first and most important thing that the Social Security Administration does is to determine whether a candidate is really disabled or not. To qualify as disabled, a candidate needs to have some kind of medical problem that is leaving him or her out-of-work for at least 1 year. It can also be a disability that will eventually lead to death. There is a list of requirements that the Social Security Administration goes through in order to determine whether or not you are really disabled, including:

  • If a candidate is making over a certain amount of money per month, he/she may not qualify.
  • The medical condition must limit a person's capacity to do his/her job for at least one year.
  • The medical condition must be included on a list of eligible disabilities. These disabilities are what the Social Security Administration has determined to be severe enough to be considered a qualifying disability.
  • The disability must prevent someone from doing the work that is specific to that person.
  • The Social Security Administration will try to determine if a person is eligible to perform any other work before they finalize eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits.

Will your work history support an award of benefits?

The Social Security Administration has eligibility requirements that factor in a candidate's age and the resulting number of years that they expect this person to have worked in order to qualify. There are two specific criteria or "tests" involving a person's "recent work" and his or her "duration of work."

Recent work is in reference to the amount of time a person has worked before becoming disabled. If this person has worked a certain number of years before becoming disabled, he/she may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Duration of work is in reference to how much a person has worked overall in his or her lifetime before becoming disabled. Generally speaking, the older a person is, the longer he or she has to have worked in order to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits.

Learn more about your disability options

If you think you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you should reach out to an experienced attorney. Your attorney will be able to review your situation and assist you in preparing a strong application that will help you recover the benefits that you need. 

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