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Common problems in Social Security Disability benefit applications

If you are struggling with a disability that has prevented you from working for over a year, you might be considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits make it possible for disabled individuals to make ends meet while they are dealing with their condition.

Many people file for these benefits, but unfortunately, the process of obtaining the payments is extremely complicated. Understand what to do is crucial to having your claim go through the process as quickly as possible, and in this post, we discuss the various factors that could possibly derail your claim. 

Incomplete information

There are many conditions that allow an individual to receive Social Security Disability benefits, but in order to qualify, the individual must supply accurate and detailed information that shows that they have the disability that they are claiming. Often this means that they will need to gather this documentation from their medical provider.

When most people complete their applications, they do not have the extensive records that they need to support their claims. This can cause their application to be denied or rejected, which will only add to the time it will take before benefits are handed down.

Failure to follow up in a timely manner

Most initial applications for Social Security Benefits are rejected at first. There are several steps that people can take to keep the process moving, but they might not realize what they should do to ensure their request gets a fair review. If they fail to meet deadlines or respond to the Social Security Administration's requests, they may find themselves forced to revisit previous steps in the process.

Working without an experienced attorney

Many people file their applications for benefits without using an attorney. When their request is rejected, they feel like they are out of options. An experienced disability benefits attorney can help you at each stage of the process. They will be able to review your application to ensure that you have what you need to support your request.

If the application for benefits is denied, they will be able to appeal the decision on your behalf. Having an attorney involved is crucial because it can help you recover benefits from the time of your original request. This can be a substantial amount of money that may be left on the table if you do not know what to do at the proper time. 

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