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December 2016 Archives

Uptick in disability benefit claims attributed to aging workforce

Social Security disability benefits are a safety net for individuals in Anaheim and across the nation who have been working but then suffered a severe injury or illness and now are unable to earn more than $1,130 monthly. These benefits help those in need make ends meet during a time when they are otherwise not able to support themselves financially. Back in 1990, less than 2.5 percent of Americans were receiving Social Security disability benefits. However, by 2015 the number of Americans receiving Social Security disability benefits rose to 5.2 percent.

SSD benefits could help those who suffered a disability in 2016

For some, 2016 was a year marked with joy and celebration. New babies were born, marriage vows were said, promotions were granted, and life was good. However, for some in Anaheim, 2016 brought a serious injury or illness, causing emotional and financial stress on top of the physical pain and suffering endured. Sometimes these injuries and illnesses kept a person from working, in some cases permanently. When one is left unable to earn a living wage, they may find it difficult to meet their basic living expenses.

Depression and Social Security benefits

Many Americans suffer from clinical depression, a prolonged feeling of helplessness that affects the ability to be a functioning member of society. It's a serious condition and it's widespread. The National Institute of Mental health says that 6.7% of all US adults suffered from at least one episode during the 2015 year.

Can a traumatic brain injury result in a disabling condition?

We often take our health for granted, but it can only take a split-second for a severe head injury to occur. You could be injured playing your favorite sport, be a victim in a sudden car crash, suffer a workplace injury, or slip and fall on a wet grocery store floor. Sadly, no one in Anaheim is immune to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the complications that could follow.

Disabled children may seek Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program that provides low income individuals who are over 65-years-old, blind, or disabled with monthly benefits. However, what some people in Anaheim may not know is that in some cases SSI is also available to disabled children who meet the Social Security Administration's (SSA) definition of disabled, so long as certain income requirements are met.

The challenges related to diagnosing psoriatic arthritis

One of the forms of arthritis out there is psoriatic arthritis. This type of arthritis is connected to the skin condition psoriasis. There are various things that can prove frustrating for those who suffer from psoriatic arthritis.

Beyond long-term disability: Applying for SSDI benefits

Many jobs come with hazards that could cause serious, debilitating and permanent injuries. When an Anaheim resident suffers this kind of injury on the job, long-term disability benefits might not last as long as needed. When benefits are needed beyond long-term disability because an individual is no longer able to be in the workforce, applying for benefits from the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program might be the next step.

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