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Disabled children may seek Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program that provides low income individuals who are over 65-years-old, blind, or disabled with monthly benefits. However, what some people in Anaheim may not know is that in some cases SSI is also available to disabled children who meet the Social Security Administration's (SSA) definition of disabled, so long as certain income requirements are met.

The SSA has rules regarding a child's income and resources when it comes to determining whether to award him or her with SSI benefits. Not only is a child's income and resources considered, but the income and resources of those living with the child are also taken into consideration. If the combined amount of income and resources are higher than a certain amount, the child will not be awarded SSI benefits.

Also, to be eligible for SSI, the child must be considered disabled. Per the SSA, the child cannot be working and earning over $1,130 monthly. In addition, the child needs to have some sort of physical or mental disability (or both), that severely limits the child's activities. Finally, the child's health condition must either disable the child for at least 12 months or be fatal.

After the child's application for SSI benefits is submitted to the SSA, it may take a number of months for the SSA to make a decision. However, if a child has certain medical conditions, then he or she may be able to immediately receive SSI payments for up to six months. Some of these conditions include HIV infection, cerebral palsy, total deafness or blindness, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, low birth weight (under two pounds, 10 ounces) or, for children seven-years-old or older, severe intellectual disability. Keep in mind that there may be other conditions that are not listed here, but still qualify for immediate temporary benefits. These benefits need not be paid back if it turns out that the child does not qualify for SSI.

Anaheim parents with a disabled child may find it hard to get by financially. They may be unable to work, due to having to care for their child around the clock, and they may incur significant medical expenses associated with their child's disability. Fortunately, there is a safety net -- SSI benefits -- that can help parents provide their child with the care he or she needs.

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