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The challenges related to diagnosing psoriatic arthritis

One of the forms of arthritis out there is psoriatic arthritis. This type of arthritis is connected to the skin condition psoriasis. There are various things that can prove frustrating for those who suffer from psoriatic arthritis.

One is the process of getting this condition diagnosed. A recent survey underscores this. The survey was of over 500 people with this form of arthritis.

The survey indicates that many psoriatic arthritis sufferers end up going through quite a few tests and a lot of time with symptoms prior to getting diagnosed with the condition. The survey results indicate that:

  • The average amount of diagnostic tests the respondents underwent was 4.9.
  • The average number of years that elapsed for respondents after initial symptom onset before they were diagnosed was 6.6.

Why can it take so long for psoriatic arthritis to be diagnosed? There are many factors potentially at play in this, including that:

  • There is a lack of definitive tests for this condition.
  • The symptoms of this condition can vary quite a bit.
  • Some of the symptoms of this condition are hidden and difficult to explain.

How the diagnosis process goes can be very impactful for a psoriatic arthritis sufferer. It can impact how soon they are able to get treatments aimed at managing their symptoms and slowing down the progress of their condition. One wonders if any advancements will be made in upcoming years in the diagnosing of this condition that will help lower the potential frustrations connected to the process of getting such a diagnosis.

Another thing a psoriatic arthritis sufferer could experience frustration in connection to is the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits if the condition has impaired their ability to work. For example, such a person might receive an initial denial of their claim. How a person responds to frustrating events that occur in relation to an SSD claim can have significant implications for their future. So, when a psoriatic arthritis sufferer encounters difficulties with an SSD claim, they may want to promptly seek guidance on their situation from an experienced SSD lawyer.

Source:, “Psoriatic arthritis patients experience multiple symptoms that can make diagnosis difficult, survey reveals,” Nov. 16, 2016

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