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January 2017 Archives

What are some symptoms of schizophrenia?

Many people in Anaheim have heard of the illness schizophrenia, but they may only be familiar with how it is portrayed on television or in the movies. In fact, schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that can be very disabling. In general, a person will begin exhibiting symptoms of this disorder between the ages of 16 and 30. There are three main categories of schizophrenia symptoms. Some are cognitive, some are positive, and some are negative.

When might one's application for SSD benefits be expedited?

Sometimes when a person in Anaheim is struck with an extremely serious illness or injury, they need to seek Social Security disability benefits and have their application processed as quickly as possible. The Social Security Administration's Compassionate Allowances program offers a means of expedition with regards to the processing of a person's application for SSD benefits. This program recognizes that certain medical conditions are so severe that they automatically meet the SSA's definition of what constitutes a disability. However, the Compassionate Allowances program is not a separate entity from the SSDI program.

Can a person with heart disease apply for disability benefits?

As was discussed in a previous post on this blog, many people in Anaheim and throughout the United States suffer from heart disease, making it one of the most costly medical conditions in the nation. Unfortunately, heart disease, whether it is congenital or acquired, can seriously impact a person's life. If it is severe enough, it can keep a person from being able to work or even being able to take care of their daily needs. When this happens, a person may need financial help to afford their basic living expenses, along with their medical expenses. For this reason, those with severe heart conditions may want to seek Social Security disability benefits.

The standard for proving a disability

Living with a disability is not easy. It can affect your ability to work and do the things you love. Not only can a disability be a detriment to your income, but the medical bills can be costly too. When seeking help, you've probably considered applying for Supplemental Security Income. Maybe you've been denied a claim in the past, are looking to increase your benefits or are wondering how the application process works.

Diabetes, heart disease most costly conditions, study says

People in Anaheim may be living longer than ever, but they are also suffering diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, as they age. Moreover, many, due to accidents or other circumstances, suffer from back pain. These three conditions may turn out to be the most costly.

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