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California firm giving honest assessments of SSD claims

As many California residents may be aware, the process of filing for benefits after a debilitating injury can be complex and lengthy. Determining the best benefits program to pursue, and what evidence will be required to make a proper application, can make the difference between receiving needed compensation and being unable to make ends meet. Because of this, people injured in workplace accidents should not forget about the potential to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

When an injurious accident occurs in the workplace, the first thing most people think of is workers' compensation. This makes sense, but it is only one possible avenue for Californians who have been hurt on the job. In fact, because the programs have different requirements and are funded from different sources, it may be possible to receive benefits from both workers' compensation and SSDI.

However, not every workplace injury will leave a victim well-suited to recover SSD benefits. Considering speaking with an experienced California disability lawyer may therefore be a good way to assess whether one's injury will qualify him or her as "disabled" in accordance with the Social Security Administration's requirements. At The Law Offices of Martin Taller, our team of legal professionals carry out open and honest dialogues with our clients so that they know where their claim stands and what they need to do to strengthen it.

Even those who have been disabled but have healed may be able to recover SSD benefits through a closed period of SSDI eligibility. This process, too, requires skill and legal know-how, though, especially since the SSA is looking for a reason to deny one's claim. For this reason, California residents who have suffered a workplace injury may want to discuss their case with a qualified legal team, like the one at our firm, to learn more about how best to approach their claim and set themselves up for the best possible chance of recovering much needed compensation.

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