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Can you work if receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

If you're receiving Social Security Disability benefits, it can be unclear whether you can go back to work and what your income restrictions might be if you want to continue collecting benefits. The Social Security Administration has several programs to assist the disabled back into the workforce, without pressure to work beyond your disability. 

"Ticket to Work" program

Social security offers a program called "Ticket to Work", which provides several of important services to help get you find a position. These include free vocational rehabilitation, job training, job referrals and other employment support that might be useful.

Trial work period

If you're entering the workplace, Social Security allows you to determine whether you are able to work, without jeopardizing your collection of Social Security benefits. When you first go back to work, you begin under a trial work program for the first nine months. During this time, you're only considered "working" if you earn more than $840 per month or work more than 80 hours per month in your own business. Your trial work period continues until you have worked nine months within a 60-month period.

Extended eligibility period

After your trial work period has ended, you have another 36 months to collect benefits so long as your income isn't substantial. Substantial income is more than $1170 ($1950 if you are blind) per month. From this point forward, if your income is below this amount, you'll still be eligible to collect your full benefits. If at any time your benefits stop because you earn more than this threshold, you have within five years to apply for benefits to resume, without refilling out your paper work - benefits resume while your medical condition is reevaluated.

Work-related Expenses

When you're disabled and working, you may incur additional expenses that non-disabled people don't have. If this is the case, these expenses can be deducted from your total income, which may change your benefit eligibility while you're working.

If you have questions about your Social Security disability benefits claim, you should consult an experienced attorney for more information. Your attorney can review your case to determine the appropriate next steps for you. Because these cases can be so complex, it is important to work with someone who understands the ins and outs of the process. Failing to follow the procedures accordingly could result in a substantial delay of your benefits being approved.

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