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Mental health and Social Security disability

There are many reasons why Anaheim residents may find themselves unable to work. Whatever the reason, not being able to work can put a person in a very challenging place financially. Thankfully, for some, it is possible to obtain Social Security disability in order to help pay for the everyday necessities. However, not everyone is eligible for these benefits, and sometimes it is not easy to know whether or not someone qualifies.

Mental health issues can make it difficult, if not impossible, for a person to maintain employment. In some cases, disability benefits may be available for those who suffer from such disorders. However, mental impairments are often much more difficult to assess than physical disabilities. There are often a lack of tests and evidence to prove such conditions. But it is possible to hire an independent physician and gain the necessary evidence.

There is a list of mental impairments that the Social Security Administration recognizes as inherently disabling. This means that someone is unable to engage in substantial gainful activity to earn a living. These conditions include autistic disorders, schizophrenia, mental retardation, depressions, anxiety, bipolar disorders and others. Sometimes, too, if a person's condition is not listed, they may still be able to pursue disability benefits. They must prove, with evidence, that the condition prevents them from working.

Social Security disability can be a necessary source of income for those who suffer with physical and mental disabilities. However, the claims process can be challenging. Attorneys are available to help claimants navigate this process. A successful social security disability claim can help those who suffer physical and mental disabilities get the benefits they need to live their lives.

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