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Helping you navigate through eligibility rules

As mentioned previously on this blog, there are two federal programs administered by the Social Security Administration and since they also sound similar, many people get confused between them. However, the differences between Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income were discussed thoroughly previously, so California residents can correctly determine which program to apply for.

Don't panic-get help with your SSD claim

Many believe that an impairment must have some physical manifestation that is visible to others. Without seeing it with our own eyes, we often do not believe that someone is suffering and suffering to such an extent that they are unable to deal with the basic demands of everyday life. However, this is what happens to people suffering from severe mental illnesses-they are unable to cope with many aspects of daily life and are unable to hold down a job. One example of such a condition was discussed in a recent previous post.

Can I qualify for SSD benefits if I suffer from panic attacks?

People often get stressed out or anxious about various things, but using certain coping mechanisms, or going through counseling and getting medication often alleviates their feelings. However, for many California residents, that is not the end of the story-rather than simply getting over their feelings of anxiety, they suffer from severe panic attacks.

Keep in mind different eligibility criteria for SSD and SSI

Many people use the terms SSD and SSI interchangeably and understandably-both are programs administered by the Social Security Administration, with medical eligibility is determined in the same way, but that is where their similarities end. At the heart of it, they are two different programs and understanding the difference between social security disability and supplemental security income is very important to ensure that a person is applying to the correct program for assistance.

You may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income

California residents who are blind, disabled or in their later years of life may be eligible for supplemental security income, hereinafter referred to as SSI. This form of benefit provides people in need with income that can allow them to pay their rents or mortgages, put food on their tables and keep clothes on their backs when they are otherwise limited in their capacities to earn money.

Disability benefits may depend on evidence

Filing for Social Security Disability can be a very complex process. It requires a seemingly endless amount of paperwork. If you make a simple error or do not send the forms to the correct office, you can end up with a denial letter stating that you do not qualify for benefits. The other problem that can lead to a denial is not submitting the appropriate evidence.

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