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Disability benefits may depend on evidence

Filing for Social Security Disability can be a very complex process. It requires a seemingly endless amount of paperwork. If you make a simple error or do not send the forms to the correct office, you can end up with a denial letter stating that you do not qualify for benefits. The other problem that can lead to a denial is not submitting the appropriate evidence.

If you need to file for Social Security Disability benefits in the Anaheim area, it is important that you do everything possible to complete the application process completely. Your attorney can advise you on filing the paperwork correctly and help you gather the right evidence for submission. Read further for more about the Social Security Administration's evidentiary requirements.

Medical requirements

You will have to provide medical evidence about your disability. This includes evaluations, assessments and treatment records from your doctor. Gather anything you can from clinics, hospitals and any other health care facilities that have treated or diagnosed your condition.

Impairment and severity

The medical evidence that you provide must prove that you have a qualifying impairment. The evidence must come from a bona fide medical source and must be objective in nature. In addition, your condition must be severe enough that it affects your ability to work.

Your responsibilities

In addition to the initial medical documentation you present to the Social Security Administration for disability benefits, you will also need to submit any other related items that you become aware of during the process. The items you submit must be complete enough that the Social Security Administration can determine the nature of your condition, its severity, the length of time you have suffered from the impairment, and if you can still perform any work-related physical or mental tasks.

Investigation of disabilities

The Social Security Administration will look into the evidence you present about your disability claim. For example, the Administration will look into your day-to-day activities, when, where and how long you are suffering symptoms. It will also examine factors that bring on or worsen your symptoms, details concerning your medication, and any other treatments you are receiving. In addition, the Administration will investigate other things that might contribute to your impairment such as pain or other symptoms.

If you are considering filing a Social Security Disability claim, it is important to understand all of the application requirements. Completing the process correctly and providing the right evidence can save you from getting an immediate denial of benefits and having to fight your way through the appeals process.

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