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Neuro-inflammatory issue from broken bones can lead to disability

Maybe you got hurt at work or perhaps you were in a serious car accident. Maybe you even hurt yourself playing sports or slipping. You may have felt grateful, at first, that your injury was only a broken bone.

After all, you have seen others suffer much worse injuries. Your bone was set, and then eventually your cast came off. The only problem was, your pain wasn't gone. In fact, it may have gotten worse as your broken bone healed.

What is CRPS?

In a small number of people, a traumatic injury, broken bone or even a surgery can result in the development of a neuro-inflammatory condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), previously diagnosed as Reflect Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

This condition is painful, may limit strength and range of motion and can persist for life in many cases. People with CRPS and RSD may qualify for Social Security Disability Income after diagnosis and medical care.

Understanding CRPS/RSD

Medical professionals are still struggling to understand the exact mechanism that results in CRPS/RSD in some people, while others heal without any issue. It commonly develops after an injury or trauma, and it can be difficult to diagnose at first.

Some of the more common symptoms of this painful condition include:

  • pain in the affected limb or extremity
  • pain increasing despite healing of the injury
  • discomfort from previously non-painful stimuli, such as clothing or even showers
  • swelling or discoloration of the skin
  • unusual color, texture or growth of nails or hair in the affected area
  • a change in temperature when compared with unaffected limb
  • excessive sweating
  • loss of strength of range of motion

Seeing the right doctors is critical when you suspect CRPS or RSD. Until you have an accurate diagnosis, you will likely struggle with daily tasks and going back to work. Some treatments may reduce certain symptoms. Other people may find that their symptoms persist no matter what.

CRPS can limit your ability to work permanently

Because there is no cure and few helpful treatments, CRPS may result in permanent disability. You may no longer be able to perform your job or any work that involves the affected limb. Pain levels may impair your focus or mood, making you unable to work other jobs as well. You shouldn't struggle in silence and pain after a CRPS diagnosis. You may need to consider filing for Social Security Disability Income.

Social Security Disability Income can help you pay your bills and ensure you continue to receive medical care for your condition. If your CRPS presents painful and limiting symptoms, it may be time to explore whether you may qualify for Social Security Disability Income.

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