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Relationship between nursing home care and SSI

The criteria for receiving supplemental security income is interesting in that the very factors that make a person eligible to receive them also make that same person more likely to need long term care in a nursing home facility that they may or may not be able to afford. Many people who receive SSI disability benefits will find themselves in a nursing home at some point or another in their lives and it is important to understand how that will affect their SSI benefits.

The bottom line for California residents to understand is that their benefits will almost certainly be affected-how much depends on the type of nursing home they are in and how long they are in it. This is where Medicaid, another federally funded program, comes into play.

If Medicaid is paying for more than half the cost of the nursing home, then the recipient will continue to be eligible to receive SSI benefits, albeit at a lowered amount. However, the nursing home must be one that provides inpatient medical services, if the public nursing home is not funded through Medicaid, then the recipient will no longer be able to receive SSI benefits. On the other hand, if someone is in a private nursing home that is not funded with Medicaid payments, they may still receive their benefits but then a larger problem arises-if the person has enough money to afford private care, they may not be eligible to receive SSI in the first hand. The rules are more generous if a child or spouse enters a nursing home or the stay is less than 90 days.

Understanding the applicable regulations and dealing with the Social Security Administration can be a complicated process which many find overwhelming. However, with the help of experienced legal professionals, one may be able to find a way to get the financial assistance they need and deserve.

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