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November 2017 Archives

Cancer won't automatically qualify for Social Security Disability

The world seems to stop when you learn that you have cancer. Your mind will automatically turn to some very difficult questions that involve your prognosis, life impacts and treatment plan. This is completely understandable under the circumstances.

The relationship between returning to work and SSD benefits

As California residents are probably aware, Social Security Disability benefits are available to individuals who are unable to earn a substantially gainful income for more than a year because of a disability that is expected to last for more than a year. To receive them, however, the applicant must apply and provide the required medical and financial evidence of their condition and situation and there is no guarantee that their claim is accepted. In fact, as discussed many times previously, a claim is often denied the first time around.

An attorney may be able to facilitate SSD cases

Asking for help is not easy, especially if it is of the financial kind. Many California residents often wait until the very last possible minute before approaching the Social Security Administration for help in the form of Social Security Disability benefits to cover their medicines and make ends meet on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how much time it can take after filing a case before one actually begins to receive benefits. In fact, it is an unfortunate fact that most applicants are often denied the first time around.

What is a work credit?

Much has been said about the medical requirements surrounding Social Security Disability benefits-the type of medical conditions that qualify and the type of evidence required to demonstrate eligibility. However, the medical criteria is only half of the equation and some may even view it as the less important part-without the requisite work credit, medical eligibility is not even considered.

Can I get SSI if I live in own home?

Though the eligibility requirements for receiving supplemental security income benefits are not as stringent as those for social security disability benefits, it is still important to know how various factors can affect one's eligibility. One aspect California residents may not know affects the amount of SSI they can receive is their living arrangement.

Serious spinal injuries can result in permanent disability

People hurt their backs and necks every day, and that can often result in damage to the spinal cord. It can happen in a million different ways. Some people are engaged in physical activity and over-extend themselves by twisting or lifting too much. Others could be driving or walking to work or the store when a motor vehicle accident happens. Still others could experience a slip-and-fall injury or even a machinery accident that damages the spine.

Monthly benefits boosted, retirement age increased for 2018

October is an important time of the year for millions of Americans-around 61.5 million people receive Social Security Disability benefits across the country and the Social Security Administration announces changes to benefits in mid-October of every year. As has been mentioned previously, the guidelines for SSD eligibility and payments don't remain static and keeping up with them is essential to ensure compliance with the new rules.

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