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Cancer won't automatically qualify for Social Security Disability

The world seems to stop when you learn that you have cancer. Your mind will automatically turn to some very difficult questions that involve your prognosis, life impacts and treatment plan. This is completely understandable under the circumstances.

One thing that becomes quickly evident is that the world doesn't actually stop when you are diagnosed with cancer. Your bills will continue to roll in, even if you have to stop working while you go through treatment. For this reason, seeking benefits from Social Security Disability might be necessary. Here are some points to know about this program and cancer:

Cancer doesn't automatically qualify you for benefits

When you are seeking Social Security Disability for any type of cancer, the Social Security Administration considers a variety of points. The place where the cancer originated, whether the cancer spreads, the treatment protocol for the cancer, and the residual effects are all important factors.

It is often difficult to determine how the agency will look at various things in these cases. One thing that can make it difficult for them to make a determination is when there is more than one mode of treatment necessary. This is because it can be too complex to determine how each one will impact the patient and how they will all work together.

Considering effects of treatment

Almost everyone has heard horror stories about how chemotherapy makes patients sick and bald. The fact here is that there are many different types of treatment that can include chemotherapy but some treatment protocols don't involve these harsh drugs at all.

The Social Security Administration will consider the effects that chemotherapy and other anticancer treatments will have on your life. These can include the drugs that are given, surgeries and radiation treatments. Adverse impacts of therapy, such as persistent weakness, cardiovascular problems, continuing gastrointestinal symptoms and neurological complications are a few of the ones considered.

The timeline matters

Typically, you must have an expected period of disability that is at least 12 consecutive months to be considered for Social Security Disability. The issues that impact you can be because of the cancer or the treatments. There is a chance that you might be approved conditionally for benefits, but those benefits will have an end date. You would then have to be evaluated again when the time period ends to determine if you are still eligible for benefits.

There are some cancers that have specific requirements to qualify. For example, chronic lymphocytic leukemia must be associated with a lymphocytosis result of at least 10,000/mm3 for at least three months before the condition is considered.

Ultimately, applying for disability benefits because of your cancer diagnosis can be a challenge. Make sure that you understand the applicable points as your case moves through the system.

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