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Serious spinal injuries can result in permanent disability

People hurt their backs and necks every day, and that can often result in damage to the spinal cord. It can happen in a million different ways. Some people are engaged in physical activity and over-extend themselves by twisting or lifting too much. Others could be driving or walking to work or the store when a motor vehicle accident happens. Still others could experience a slip-and-fall injury or even a machinery accident that damages the spine.

Your spinal cord is the conduit for all information between your body and your brain. It tells you when you're hurting and controls all your fine and gross motor functions. When you damage your spine, you could end up compromising your mobility for the rest of your life. That, in turn, can result in needing to file a claim for Social Security Disability Income. After all, for many people, the inability to move freely translates to the inability to work.

Spinal injuries range in impact and severity

Each spinal injury is as unique as the person who sustained it. Spinal injuries are often referred to as either complete or incomplete. An incomplete spinal injury could involve partial cutting, pinching or other trauma to an area of the spinal cord. Bruising and inflammation can worsen the symptoms related with this kind of injury. In some cases, an incomplete or partial spinal cord injury will heal over time. Other times, it leads to permanent reduction of strength, mobility and range of motion.

Complete spinal injures occur when the spinal cord is fully severed. These injuries generally do not heal and typically result in full loss of control of the areas below the site of the injury. Neck injuries with complete spinal injury are the most severe. They can result in the loss of use of both arms, both legs and the torso. Complete injuries lower in the back may only impact the legs depending on the location of the injury.

Mobility issues create work and income issues

If you're already working, you may not be able to to perform the same tasks as you did before your injury. Depending on your career, accommodations from your employer could help you to stay in your same position. For many people, however, the need for medical care, physical therapy and accommodations could prevent them from ever returning to work after a serious spinal injury.

When that happens, you may end up classified as permanently disabled. That could make it simpler for you to file a claim for Social Security Disability. However, even those with physical injuries can end up having an initial claim denied. You need to be prepared to appeal a denial. You also need to understand that there is currently a massive backlog of over a million Social Security claims and applications that have not gotten processed. It may be a while before you can qualify, so start the process as soon as possible.

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