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December 2017 Archives

Can I receive SSD benefits for the rest of my life?

When a Social Security Disability benefits claim has been filed and approved, and the benefits are expected to begin coming in soon, the recipient may think the process is finally complete. But, is this true? Does someone continue to receive SSD benefits for the rest of their life once they are approved?

Some spinal injuries could qualify for Social Security Disability

Like many medical conditions, the severity and consequences of a spinal cord injury vary drastically from patient to patient. Some people who suffer spinal cord damage experience an incomplete injury, where the spinal cord gets cuts or damaged but not severed. For these individuals, recovery is sometimes possible. With medical aid and physical therapy, those with incomplete spinal cord injuries could regain full function in the affected areas, or learn to live with moderate symptoms.

When are SSD claims expedited?

The backlog in processing times for Social Security Disability benefits claims has been highlighted recently, with some estimating that it can take up to three years before someone receives their first SSD benefit. Many people do not survive to see their claim become successful and others often give up when their claim is initially denied, as is often the case. Anaheim residents may not know that there are certain fast track processes that could get a deserving party benefits faster.

Brain injuries can affect ability to find employment

Those working in an office understand the importance of communicating with others-not only does it conversing with one's coworkers make for a more tolerable workspace but it is also essential to get the job done. Additionally, concentration and the ability to recall pertinent information in a timely manner are essential qualities to remain gainfully employed and many people do not realize how important they are. But those who are unable to demonstrate these abilities know just how much they are lacking.

Should I file a new claim if my SSD claim is denied?

As has been mentioned previously on this blog, most first time Social Security Disability claims are denied. There are a number of reasons for this, including an insufficient amount of medical evidence or ineligibility due to work credits. When a claim is denied, many end up filing a new disability claim. But is this the right course of action?

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