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Some spinal injuries could qualify for Social Security Disability

Like many medical conditions, the severity and consequences of a spinal cord injury vary drastically from patient to patient. Some people who suffer spinal cord damage experience an incomplete injury, where the spinal cord gets cuts or damaged but not severed. For these individuals, recovery is sometimes possible. With medical aid and physical therapy, those with incomplete spinal cord injuries could regain full function in the affected areas, or learn to live with moderate symptoms.

For others, however, the spinal cord injury is complete. In these cases, the spinal cord is fully severed, preventing the possibility of healing or a full recovery. Those with complete spinal cord injuries may experience a permanent loss of function, strength or control of substantial parts of their bodies. Depending on the individual's injury and career, spinal cord injuries may put an end to someone's ability to work.

The location of the injury indicates how severe symptoms generally are

While all spinal cord injuries are serious medical events that require excellent trauma and rehabilitation care, some pose a greater risk of permanent disability than others. Typically, the higher up on the spine the injury site, the greater the portion of the body impacted by the spinal injury. Still, injuries lower down on the spine often result in a loss of function that can keep someone from working.

In a complete injury, people experience a total loss of control and sensation below the injury site. Injuries to the lower back may result in loss of control of the legs but allow for full control of the arms and upper body. In cases with a neck injury, however, loss of function in the arms and the legs results.

Depending on the age, health social support network and career of the individual with the injury, it is possible for some people with loss of all limb function to continue to work. On the other hand, some people with lower back spinal injuries may not ever be able to return to their careers.

Every Social Security Disability case is inherently unique

While some people with spinal cord injuries receive Social Security Disability Income, others do not. Every claim is as unique as the person filing and the circumstances that lead to his or her spinal cord injury. Many different factors can impact whether or not someone who applies receives approval for benefits.

One of the best things you can do to help your case is to obtain adequate medical documentation of your condition and the limitations it places on your ability to work or to care for yourself. It's also important to be patient. There is a massive backlog of applications for Social Security Disability, and many people have to appeal a refusal to connect with the benefits they need.

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