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February 2018 Archives

The relationship between returning to work and SSD benefits

A previous post here focused on the misconceptions surrounding Social Security Disability benefits for mental illnesses and other conditions that are difficult to prove, such as back pain and anxiety. As mentioned previously, one of the issues is that people believe SSD recipients are discouraged from working once they begin receiving benefits, but this is not the case. In fact, the Social Security Administration builds incentives into the benefits, encouraging people to return to the workforce without losing SSD benefits for a specific time period.

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects more than just veterans

When people think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the military is often the first thing they consider. For many decades, the most highly publicized cases of PTSD involved military veterans. In fact, many of the older terms for PTSD were specifically related to military service, such as "shell shock" and "combat neurosis."

Common misconceptions about SSD benefits for mental conditions

California residents, like most of their counterparts across the country, work hard and take pride in the work they do. Providing for oneself and remaining independent through gainful employment is an empowering feeling, and when a disabling condition or injury makes it impossible to keep working these same hard workers find it difficult to ask anyone for help. This is where the security net in the form of Social Security Disability benefits can play an important role to keep their head above water.

What are survivor's benefits?

The death of a spouse can be emotionally devastating, but when the person was the main source of income in the family it can also be financially devastating as well. When the decedent was disabled and receiving Social Security Disability benefits, their death means uncertainty for the surviving spouse as they try to figure out if the benefits they were relying on will continue to be paid to them by the Social Security Administration. For the approximately five million widows and widowers receiving SSD benefits on their spouse's earning record, these monthly checks are probably the tool keeping them out of poverty.

Understand the link between work credit and SSD benefits

California residents may be aware that Social Security Disability benefits are linked to work. People must have completed a minimum amount of work to qualify for SSD benefits. Work credit qualifications are the foundation for SSD benefits. Without them, the question of medical qualification is not even considered. A person's credits remain on record when an individual stops working and additional credits are added on to them when the person resumes working. Generally, a person can earn four credits a year and one credit in 2017 was received when someone received $1,300 in covered earnings. However, as there are different types of SSD benefits, there are differing numbers of credits to qualify.

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