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Understand the link between work credit and SSD benefits

California residents may be aware that Social Security Disability benefits are linked to work. People must have completed a minimum amount of work to qualify for SSD benefits. Work credit qualifications are the foundation for SSD benefits. Without them, the question of medical qualification is not even considered. A person's credits remain on record when an individual stops working and additional credits are added on to them when the person resumes working. Generally, a person can earn four credits a year and one credit in 2017 was received when someone received $1,300 in covered earnings. However, as there are different types of SSD benefits, there are differing numbers of credits to qualify.

Retirement benefits depend on the year and date the applicant was born. If the applicant was born in 1929 or later, qualification is achieved when one has 40 credits, and those born before that year need fewer credits. This works out to be one less for every year before 1930-39 credits in 1928 and 38 in 1927 and so on. Survivor benefits revolve around the age of the person when they die, but the general rule is that the younger the decedent is, the fewer credits are needed.

When looking into qualification for disability benefits, the age of the person applying when they became disabled is what is considered. So, where generally 40 credits are needed and 20 of those must have been earned in the last 10 years ending in the year of the disability. However, these credits vary depending on the applicant's age. If someone is injured before they turn 24, they need six credits that must have been earned in the 3-year period that ends in the year the disability begins, and if the disability takes place between ages 24 and 31, qualification may be possible if the person has credit for working half the time between the age of 21 and the age of disability.

Work credit qualification is the backbone of SSD benefits and calculating them correctly may be the crux of a person's whole application. It might be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney to ensure one's application is correct.

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