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Post-traumatic stress disorder affects more than just veterans

When people think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the military is often the first thing they consider. For many decades, the most highly publicized cases of PTSD involved military veterans. In fact, many of the older terms for PTSD were specifically related to military service, such as "shell shock" and "combat neurosis."

Gather this information to apply for social security disability

If you live in Anaheim and you have a physical or mental condition that limits your ability to work, you might be able to file for social security disability. In general, there are two conditions that might make you eligible for social security disability. The first one is that your condition has lasted for at least 12 months. The other possible requirement is that your condition is life-threatening and will more than likely end in death.

Some spinal injuries could qualify for Social Security Disability

Like many medical conditions, the severity and consequences of a spinal cord injury vary drastically from patient to patient. Some people who suffer spinal cord damage experience an incomplete injury, where the spinal cord gets cuts or damaged but not severed. For these individuals, recovery is sometimes possible. With medical aid and physical therapy, those with incomplete spinal cord injuries could regain full function in the affected areas, or learn to live with moderate symptoms.

Serious spinal injuries can result in permanent disability

People hurt their backs and necks every day, and that can often result in damage to the spinal cord. It can happen in a million different ways. Some people are engaged in physical activity and over-extend themselves by twisting or lifting too much. Others could be driving or walking to work or the store when a motor vehicle accident happens. Still others could experience a slip-and-fall injury or even a machinery accident that damages the spine.

Those with severe PTSD may qualify for Social Security Disability

When people think of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), most people tend to think of military veterans. After all, these individuals may have experienced intense conflict, witnessed many deaths or even had to go through a life-threatening situation. Most military veterans with PTSD can receive benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs if they go through the proper channels.

Disability benefits may depend on evidence

Filing for Social Security Disability can be a very complex process. It requires a seemingly endless amount of paperwork. If you make a simple error or do not send the forms to the correct office, you can end up with a denial letter stating that you do not qualify for benefits. The other problem that can lead to a denial is not submitting the appropriate evidence.

Obtaining Social Security mental disability benefits

Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are one of the ways that those who suffer from a disability can help make ends meet, and are an essential part of our nation's safety net. However, for those who suffer from mental health issues that keep them from working, the process of qualifying for SSD benefits is often more complicated and time-consuming than for those with strictly physical disabilities.

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