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Cancer won't automatically qualify for Social Security Disability

The world seems to stop when you learn that you have cancer. Your mind will automatically turn to some very difficult questions that involve your prognosis, life impacts and treatment plan. This is completely understandable under the circumstances.

Can sickle-cell anemia qualify for SSD benefits?

One of the most difficult aspects of having an illness that prevents one from working, in addition to actually suffering from that condition, is that simply being disabled does not mean one qualifies for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Being approved for benefits has a lot to do with the medical requirements, whether they are met and what information is gathered from those medical records.

Heart disease affects millions of Americans each year

There are various forms of cardiovascular diseases that affect the functioning of your heart. Each of these can be serious and could lead to long-term or even permanent conditions, or even death if not treated or properly and promptly addressed. Such cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States, including residents in and near the Anaheim, California region.

How rheumatoid arthritis affects Americans

For decades, the Social Security Administration has had two programs in place to help Americans who are unable to keep a job due to an illness, injury or mental condition. Among the many conditions that qualify is rheumatoid arthritis which mostly affects a person's joints.

Diabetes and Social Security Disability in California

The human body is an amazingly complex system. Like a high-tech plant, the biological machinery within a person must continuously work together to produce various substances, get nutrients and other vital molecules to the right place and transmit messages from various organs to and from the brain. One often overlooked component of this incredible, self-contained organic processor is the endocrine system.

Can a person with heart disease apply for disability benefits?

As was discussed in a previous post on this blog, many people in Anaheim and throughout the United States suffer from heart disease, making it one of the most costly medical conditions in the nation. Unfortunately, heart disease, whether it is congenital or acquired, can seriously impact a person's life. If it is severe enough, it can keep a person from being able to work or even being able to take care of their daily needs. When this happens, a person may need financial help to afford their basic living expenses, along with their medical expenses. For this reason, those with severe heart conditions may want to seek Social Security disability benefits.

Diabetes, heart disease most costly conditions, study says

People in Anaheim may be living longer than ever, but they are also suffering diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, as they age. Moreover, many, due to accidents or other circumstances, suffer from back pain. These three conditions may turn out to be the most costly.

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