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social security disability benefits for mental conditions Archives

Don't let memory loss make you lose out on SSD benefits

It is an unfortunate reality that many California residents, like their counterparts, associate an injury or disability with something they can see. If it is not visible, then either it doesn't exist or it is not serious. But those people who are struggling daily with mental conditions know the reality of their situation and the very real limitations that their invisible conditions create.

Can I receive SSD benefits for memory loss?

It is natural for California residents to forget things sometimes. After all, hectic schedules make things slip from the mind all the time. Additionally, it can even be a sign of natural aging or, unfortunately, something more traumatic, such as a brain injury, emotional trauma, inflammation of the brain or stress. Regardless of the cause, it can be categorized as short-term, immediate or long-term.

Common misconceptions about SSD benefits for mental conditions

California residents, like most of their counterparts across the country, work hard and take pride in the work they do. Providing for oneself and remaining independent through gainful employment is an empowering feeling, and when a disabling condition or injury makes it impossible to keep working these same hard workers find it difficult to ask anyone for help. This is where the security net in the form of Social Security Disability benefits can play an important role to keep their head above water.

When is anxiety considered disabling?

We all get nervous and anxious sometimes. Whether you are about to travel out of the country, make a speech, have to complete a large project or about to get married, we all experience a moment when our heart races and our mind cannot focus on anything other than being anxious. While these moments come and go and are relatively minor events, some individuals in Anaheim and other cities across the nation suffer from constant anxiety. This can be a difficult situation to deal with, as this is a mental condition that can be debilitating and can cause some people to fear leaving their home.

Relationship between nursing home care and SSI

The criteria for receiving supplemental security income is interesting in that the very factors that make a person eligible to receive them also make that same person more likely to need long term care in a nursing home facility that they may or may not be able to afford. Many people who receive SSI disability benefits will find themselves in a nursing home at some point or another in their lives and it is important to understand how that will affect their SSI benefits.

Don't panic-get help with your SSD claim

Many believe that an impairment must have some physical manifestation that is visible to others. Without seeing it with our own eyes, we often do not believe that someone is suffering and suffering to such an extent that they are unable to deal with the basic demands of everyday life. However, this is what happens to people suffering from severe mental illnesses-they are unable to cope with many aspects of daily life and are unable to hold down a job. One example of such a condition was discussed in a recent previous post.

Can I qualify for SSD benefits if I suffer from panic attacks?

People often get stressed out or anxious about various things, but using certain coping mechanisms, or going through counseling and getting medication often alleviates their feelings. However, for many California residents, that is not the end of the story-rather than simply getting over their feelings of anxiety, they suffer from severe panic attacks.

How do I prove that I am disabled?

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, one must first prove that you have a disabling condition that prohibits you from maintaining gainful employment, and that the condition is expected to last at least a year or end in death. There are several ways to prove that you are disabled, although it is not always easy.

Is bipolar disorder a qualifying mental condition for SSD?

Even though Anaheim residents probably know they can receive disability benefits for both physical and mental illnesses, the reality is that qualifying for social security disability benefits for a mental condition is often harder. This is because the people who are examining the claim are not qualified in the medical field and cannot fully grasp the full scope of a mental illness. When it comes to certain conditions, due to their cyclical nature, it can be difficult to understand the limitations it imposes. Bipolar disorder is one such condition.

Panic attacks and Social Security Disability in California

Twenty-first century society provides plenty of opportunities for anxiety. Whether due to the general state of the world, or various personal issues that crop up every day that are difficult to deal with, anybody can have times of anxiousness or fear. However, for some people with certain medical conditions, these times can become completely overwhelming and debilitating. For these individuals, panic attacks are not something to "get over," but rather a genuine illness that may require medication and other treatment. It may even prevent them from working.

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