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An overview of SSD benefits

Where previously the aim of the Social Security program was to reduce poverty among seniors, it has broadened over time to protect against the risk of losing income from work, whether that income is lost due to retirement, disability or the "breadwinner's" death. At the end of 2016, 61 million people across the country were receiving Social Security benefits, of which 68 percent were retired and 18 percent were survivors or children of workers who had earned benefits, and 14 percent were disabled workers.

Choose wisely when considering help with SSD claims

As mentioned in a previous post here, depending on a person's individual circumstances, the Social Security Administration periodically reviews the status of applicants to ensure that they should continue to receive SSD benefits. The process can be daunting as it approaches, as many may fear that they could lose the financial assistance they have come to rely on, but the reality is that they are rarely revoked. However, it is always beneficial to have someone explaining the process by one's side, but it is important to know who to rely on for guidance.

Can I receive SSD benefits for the rest of my life?

When a Social Security Disability benefits claim has been filed and approved, and the benefits are expected to begin coming in soon, the recipient may think the process is finally complete. But, is this true? Does someone continue to receive SSD benefits for the rest of their life once they are approved?

When are SSD claims expedited?

The backlog in processing times for Social Security Disability benefits claims has been highlighted recently, with some estimating that it can take up to three years before someone receives their first SSD benefit. Many people do not survive to see their claim become successful and others often give up when their claim is initially denied, as is often the case. Anaheim residents may not know that there are certain fast track processes that could get a deserving party benefits faster.

Should I file a new claim if my SSD claim is denied?

As has been mentioned previously on this blog, most first time Social Security Disability claims are denied. There are a number of reasons for this, including an insufficient amount of medical evidence or ineligibility due to work credits. When a claim is denied, many end up filing a new disability claim. But is this the right course of action?

The relationship between returning to work and SSD benefits

As California residents are probably aware, Social Security Disability benefits are available to individuals who are unable to earn a substantially gainful income for more than a year because of a disability that is expected to last for more than a year. To receive them, however, the applicant must apply and provide the required medical and financial evidence of their condition and situation and there is no guarantee that their claim is accepted. In fact, as discussed many times previously, a claim is often denied the first time around.

An attorney may be able to facilitate SSD cases

Asking for help is not easy, especially if it is of the financial kind. Many California residents often wait until the very last possible minute before approaching the Social Security Administration for help in the form of Social Security Disability benefits to cover their medicines and make ends meet on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how much time it can take after filing a case before one actually begins to receive benefits. In fact, it is an unfortunate fact that most applicants are often denied the first time around.

What is a work credit?

Much has been said about the medical requirements surrounding Social Security Disability benefits-the type of medical conditions that qualify and the type of evidence required to demonstrate eligibility. However, the medical criteria is only half of the equation and some may even view it as the less important part-without the requisite work credit, medical eligibility is not even considered.

Monthly benefits boosted, retirement age increased for 2018

October is an important time of the year for millions of Americans-around 61.5 million people receive Social Security Disability benefits across the country and the Social Security Administration announces changes to benefits in mid-October of every year. As has been mentioned previously, the guidelines for SSD eligibility and payments don't remain static and keeping up with them is essential to ensure compliance with the new rules.

Can I receive SSD benefits if I have returned back to work?

What happens if a California resident was disabled for more than a year and applied for Social Security Disability benefits, but was able to return to work before their claim was adjudicated upon-can that person still receive disability benefits? The Social Security Administration may provide benefits for what is considers a closed period.

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