Assisting With Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits

Long-term disability insurance policies provide for payments to covered individuals who are no longer able to work. The insurance policies themselves dictate the exact definition of what is considered a disability. Convincing the insurance carrier that you meet the insurance company’s definition of disability poses significant challenges.

Fortunately, working with an attorney can improve your chances of submitting a successful application. These insurance policies are usually governed by ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). We have helped many disabled workers obtain approval of their long-term disability insurance claim, in filing your initial claim documents, upon administrative review, or, if denied, in court proceedings.

Helping Clients To Prepare An Initial Claim and With All Aspects Of Their ERISA/Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims

It is helpful to consult an attorney, even before filing your claim.  We will review the policy and explain to you the criteria that you must meet to show you are disabled. We will assist you to gather all of the information that you need to demonstrate that you are entitled to receive long-term disability benefits under the provisions of the policy.

In some circumstances, the initial requests that you make for these benefits will be denied. You may need to retain an attorney to file a civil action in federal court in order to have your claim approved. That’s why you need one of our experienced attorneys on your side throughout your case.

Find Out How Our Team Can Help You With Your Case

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