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What is a work credit?

Much has been said about the medical requirements surrounding Social Security Disability benefits-the type of medical conditions that qualify and the type of evidence required to demonstrate eligibility. However, the medical criteria is only half of the equation and some may even view it as the less important part-without the requisite work credit, medical eligibility is not even considered.

Monthly benefits boosted, retirement age increased for 2018

October is an important time of the year for millions of Americans-around 61.5 million people receive Social Security Disability benefits across the country and the Social Security Administration announces changes to benefits in mid-October of every year. As has been mentioned previously, the guidelines for SSD eligibility and payments don't remain static and keeping up with them is essential to ensure compliance with the new rules.

Can I receive SSD benefits if I have returned back to work?

What happens if a California resident was disabled for more than a year and applied for Social Security Disability benefits, but was able to return to work before their claim was adjudicated upon-can that person still receive disability benefits? The Social Security Administration may provide benefits for what is considers a closed period.

Knowledge and experience can help the SSD claim process

It is human to err and when the process is something as confusing as filling out a Social Security Disability claims application, Anaheim, California, residents are probably highly likely to err. Even though individuals conduct their initial research and assume they have all the necessary information to proceed correctly, their applications may be denied because of the basic mistakes or omissions they make in their application.

Report: SSDI backlog tops one million

He worked as a stone mason until a series of heart attacks forced him in his late 50s to stop working. He applied for Social Security Disability benefits in 2014, but his claim was denied. He appealed the decision, but died in November of last year following a fourth and final heart attack.

Don't let the SSA backlog hinder denied claim appeal

California residents may be surprised to hear that the Social Security Administration shells out $197 billion in disability payments to 10.5 million in Social Security Disability benefits and 8 million in Supplemental Security Income. Though this may sound like a whopping number, the reality is that no one is getting rich receiving this payment-with an average payment of $1,037, it is barely enough to keep a family out of poverty.

Helping you navigate through eligibility rules

As mentioned previously on this blog, there are two federal programs administered by the Social Security Administration and since they also sound similar, many people get confused between them. However, the differences between Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income were discussed thoroughly previously, so California residents can correctly determine which program to apply for.

You might need help navigating through your SSD claim

As you may have heard, getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits is not always easy. In fact, approximately two thirds of all applicants who initially apply are rejected. Undoubtedly, some of these rejections are justified.

We represent people at every stage of the claims process

The sad reality is that most fist time claims for Social Security Disability benefits will be denied for various reasons, as mentioned in last week's post. This can make California residents feel frustrated with the process that is in place to benefit them, but they should not lose hope-a denied SSD benefits does not mean the applicant is not disabled. It means there was probably some deficiency in the application.

Why was my SSD claim denied?

Filing for social security disability benefits is difficult enough, but then a California resident's claim is denied one can feel lonely and isolated. However, they may be surprised to learn that they are not alone in this boat-more than 70 percent of initial claims are denied. It is important to understand why the claim was denied in the first place, so it can be rectified to ensure a successful appeal.

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