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We are committed to providing professional legal assistance to claimants filing and appealing Social Security Disability claims. Attorney Monge has over two decades of legal experience handling Social Security Disability matters for clients throughout Southern California. We understand the challenges you are facing at this time. You can count on us to handle your claim with dignity and respect, and we will work hard to get you the benefits you deserve.

Attorney Monge has a proven record of success that has led him to win cases at all levels of a Social Security disability claim. These include the Initial Stage, the Administrative Law Judge Hearing, the Appeals Council, and at the Federal District Court level. In fact, due to the complex nature of the higher levels in Social Security Disability cases, many attorneys refer their cases to our office when they reach the Appeals Council and Federal District Court levels.

No matter where your claim is, you will always have the experience of Attorney Troy D. Monge by your side.

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The State of California through EDD provides State Disability Insurance benefits for eligible individuals whose medical condition or injury will keep them out of work for up to 12 months.  Attorney Monge has experience representing clients on State Disability matters. He has represented clients at EDD hearings and has helped clients recover State Disability benefits owed to them when EDD denies the claim, including when EDD has been reimbursed through a Workers’ Compensation settlement. If you have been denied State Disability benefits by EDD, please call us to discuss your claim.

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